Whilst we was filming for the SWBMX DVD which unfortunately didn’t get finished we clocked allot of clips we wasn’t planning on using, There’s a big bunch of names in there although the dude doing the truck to smith at Cheddar I didn’t catch his name! if anyone knows let me know. there will probably be allot more of these to come, This was filmed at Bridgwater Skatepark, Cheddar Skatepark, Prevail Skatehouse and Rush Skatepark.

The Riders are:

Sam Burditt
Richard Perry
Jason Webber
Sam Hardwell
Sam James
Sam Colclough
Josh Pring
George Braeger
Chris Spittal
Conner Vipond

Will we start filming for another? possibly, although I do think that this is up to all the riders involved, some people don’t like to hold onto clips for a long time, filming a DVD is a long process but i’m not saying it wont happen, because it could.


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